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Purpose of the Establishment of School

The Mahanaim Gracias Music School is located in New York. The music school nurtures each and every student to grow into sincere musicians. These students will be taught music by world-renowned professors using a realistic and challenging curriculum. By using a detailed and systematic method, not only do we bring out an individual’s latent music abilities, but also lead sincere musicians to a mindset that they must have.

By being associated with the Mahanaim Gracias Music School in New York, we have established the Gracias Music Preparatory School in order to teach a more realistic education to students at an earlier age. The Gracias Music Preparatory School was established with a purpose of nurturing musicians to sincerely face and learn music, to become musicians for others rather than for themselves, to perform internationally as world-renowned musicians, and to raise sincere musicians to lead the music world in this generation.[divider_padding]

Direction of Education

The Gracias Music Preparatory School follows the traditional music school model, methodically reinforcing rudiments and music theory. With love and passion, our multi-national faculty offers a challenging curriculum to improve each student’s skills as much as possible.

Knowing of the importance of receiving music instructions by the world best musicians and teachers, Gracias Music Preparatory School provides foreign language education in English and Russian. Students learn Russian and English during the first semester of the first year. Then, by the second semester of the first year, the students will take classes that will help them have the ability to have one-on-one lessons with specialized professors without any translations, which will allow their musical abilities to improve much more. Student’s individual talents and technical skills grow and improve as they receive focused private lessons with master musicians/professors of their major.

While attending Gracias Music Preparatory School, students live together in the dormitory, they attend music camps in many places such as New York and Russia, they are connected to affiliates of the school such as the Gracias Choir and Mahanaim University in America, and they have vantages such as entry to Mahaniam University in America and other various programs.

These musical experiences and advantages afforded to Gracias Music Preparatory School create an atmosphere where students not only practice to meet immediate goals, but they also strive to accomplish the goals that lie deep in their hearts, allowing them to become much more complete towards their world of music.

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