Mahanaim Cyber College was established by pastor Ock Soo Park, who founded the Good News Mission, in order to raise servants of the gospel all over the world and is of the identical root as the ‘Mahanaim Theology School’, which dispatched domestic and foreign ministers until now.

Pastor Ock Soo Park, who has been raising born-again pastors and has been preaching the orthodox gospel to the Korean Christianity, which values external growth, has established the Cyber College for the evangelization of the world where one can attend the gospel lecture through Internet Network anywhere in the world without time and space constraints.

Mahanaim Cyber College provides lectures in 7 languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Thai and Hindi which is spoken by 70% of the world’s population. It gives so much hope that ministers will arise from Africa, America, Europe, China, Thailand and India through this Cyber College.

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