The Role of Internet Mission

“Internet mission is one of the greatest tools to witness the Gospel to the end of the world.”

Advertising Mission
Internet mission introduces Good News Mission as an organization of witnessing the Gospel by carrying the mission’s testimonies, ongoing tasks, and other major activities on its homepage.

Witnessing the Gospel
Internet mission makes it possible for anyone interested to access its archive of conference sermons, retreat sermons, Sunday morning sermons, and other VODs as well as spiritual booklets. In addition, it is launching tools of mobile services, blogs, and twitters for more Internet-involved witnessing.

Teaching the Life of Faith
Internet mission provides a site where people can ask questions and have online fellowships. Especially, Pastor Park, Ock-soo’s Sunday morning sermons become the correct ruler for Christians to reflect on their lives to learn how they serve the Lord and witness the Gospel.


1.  The Amazing Work of the Gospel that Stirred Yunnan, China by the Internet Mission
Approximately one hundred people received salvation by reading the book, “The Secret of Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again” on the homepage of the Good News Mission and started a church in Yunnan, China. This work of the Gospel even reached the tribe Miao who live in a remote mountain area.

2.  The Increasing Number of Viewers of Sunday Morning Services
Pastor Park, Ock-soo’s Sunday morning sermons are broadcasted in three languages, English, Chinese, and Spanish by simultaneous interpretation, and a great number of viewers have been saved.

3.  Online Service for Those who Have Limited Access to Live Ones
People who cannot attend church services visit the homepage of the mission to take advantage of online resources. They testify that they are strengthened by using the Internet mission and are connected to the churches.

4.  The Central Role of Connecting Korean Mission Works to Overseas Ones
Saturdays’ Cyber Fellowships help the churches worldwide to witness in one heart, and the mission news from Korean and foreign churches bring greater works of the Gospel to the mission.

5.  World Camps and Bible Seminars Influence the World by Internet
World Camps were held in 30 countries in 2010 and 50 in 2011, leading the great advancement of the Gospel over the world by the Internet broadcasting.

6.  Raising Numbers of Theology School Students of All Nations by Internet
The Mahanaim Cyber Theology School has educated around 5,800 students from all nations since 2010. Advanced Theological contents are being provided in various languages such as Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Thai, and Hindi.

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