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“Gracias” in Spanish means, “Thank you.” The Gracias Choir sings songs of thankfulness for the love it has received in its heart.
The Choir’s music has the power to change sadness to joy, deeply moving the hearts of every listener. The Gracias Choir was formed in the year 2000, and each year it is changing and reaching new heights through new challenges and development.

The Praises that We Could Not Hear
“Apostle Paul praised in the Philippians Jail. The woman caught in adultery was thankful because Jesus spared her from death. The man with an infirmity for 38 years and the lame man who was cured at the Beautiful Gate praised the Lord with joy. Unfortunately, we were not there to hear the sound of their praises to the Lord. But we can hear the sound of their praises today through the Gracias Choir.
Gracias Choir – each member received the forgiveness of sin through the grace of God and was saved from destruction. And with gratitude, each of them cherish this salvation in their hearts, just like the woman caught in adultery or the lame man who was healed. We see the work of God in the Bible, but cannot hear their praises. Therefore, God gave these unheard praises to Gracias Choir for us to hear.
Today, there are many choirs that sing praises, but there aren’t many who appreciate the grace of God from their hearts like the Gracias. God is allowing us to hear the praises that the servants of God have heard before us. For that, I’m very thankful.”

– Excerpt from Pastor Ock Soo Park’s sermon
Good News Gangnam Church, South Korea

Regions of Activity



Gracias Choir has experienced consistent growth in their level of technique and advancement in their musical value in recent years.
– The Grand Prize at the 2009 Jeju International Choir Competition
– The Grand Prize in Mixed Chorus, Silver Prize in Women’s Chorus, and Excellent Conductor’s Award at the 2010 Busan International Choir Competition
– Appreciation Plaque from New Orleans Local Council in 2011 and the Office of the Mayor of Delmar, Haiti in 2012 for their concerts in those cities
– Grand Prize, 13th Concorso Corale Internazionale Riva del Garda, 2014, Italy
– First Prize, Montreux Choral Festival 2014, Switzerland

Domestic and Overseas Performances

The Christmas Cantata is a high level Christmas music concert that overflows with love and joy. Christmas Cantata spreads the happiness of Christmas, includes amazing performances of American and foreign pieces, and delivers the true meaning of Christmas in major concert halls across the globe.
The Artist Concert is a feast of high-class classical music. There is a deep and mysterious world of music flowing in the hearts of world class musicians. The Artist Concert deliver musics to young adults and invites them into that same beautiful world.
Gracias Choir has performed in over 30 countries and receives overwhelming support worldwide:
-Opening Ceremony at the China International Choir Competition in 2012
-Christmas Cantata Tour in 7 cities in the United States in 2011
-Invitation from the President of Paraguay to perform at the Presidential Palace in 2010
-Commemorate Concert for the 200th Year of the Eisenstadt Haydn Hall, Austria in 2009
-The World Peace Festival at the Kenya Moi International Stadium

Gracias Choir–Dedicated to Education

Gracias Choir knows correcting something small can mean a great difference in the music. Their approach to music is different: considering good sound and technique, searching for feeling in the music, discovering the heart of the composer and that the audience of that period might have felt from hearing the piece.
Gracias Choir takes Master Classes and individual lessons from famed Russian music artists and tenured professors of St. Petersburg Conservatory at the Gracias School of Music at Mahanaim in New York. Gracias Choir, in turn, teaches young adults who are growing with the dream of becoming musicians.

Social Activities

Gracias Choir was invited to the World Peace Festival at Kenya Moi International Stadium in 2008 and touched the hearts of the people in Africa. Gracias Choir gains musical inspiration through these activities and strives to reach people who may not have much access to live classical music.

Music Repertoire

The Gracias Choir composes and performs covers of everything from a cappella to classic compositions from Monteverdi, Bach, Bruckner, etc., recites major Baroque chorus pieces to Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ and Handel’s ‘Messiah,” and not to mention, benchmark pieces composed by Mozart, Rachmaninov, Haydn, and Beethoven.
Gracias Choir performs a wide range of music genres, like operas, arias, classic, musical-style, and lounge music. Gracias Choir has a special repertoire of folk music that embodies the beauty of each country they visit and is sung in its native language.
The spiritual praises from the hearts of Gracias Choir members enter deep into the hearts of the audience and touches their souls.
-The Gracias Choir has released albums since 2001
-They have produced the “Christmas Cantata” and “The Lamb of God”
-Gracias Choir’s album has been released in South America and has caught great popularity there
-Their music videos “Beauty and the Beast”, ‘The Prayer”, and “Java Jive”, as well as their documentary titled “Music of Gracias” currently enjoy viral success online


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