The mission of GNMV as a humanitarian volunteer initiative is to provide medical treatment, relief, and health education to underserved individuals across the globe, suffering from untreated diseases and/or the effects of devastating natural disasters. GNMV currently concentrates its relief efforts toward select countries in Africa and the Caribbean Islands.


1. To provide medical supplies and expertise to people of developing countries who suffer in subpar medical environments
2. To advance the landscape of global volunteering by encouraging health care professionals to join in humanitarian aid work
3. To promote health education and raise local medical professionals in developing countries


GNMV began in the summer of 2008 with 7 medical volunteers, all of whom were dispatched to Africa for a 2-week period. GNMV increased in size and range of services during the 2009 campaign, recruiting and dispatching 105 volunteers to 5 different countries: Ghana, Togo,
Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Nearly 1,500 patients were treated each day, with up to over 10,000 treatments per week.

In 2010, 256 volunteer medical volunteers visited Ghana, Togo, Benin, Kenya and Malawi. During that 30-day campaign, 22,000 patients received medical treatment.

The mission spanned to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in 2011. Lifesaving medical assistance was given to many Haitians who were victims of the terrible earthquake in 2010. The total number of patients served by GNMV in 2011 surpassed 30,000. 60,000 total patients have been treated since 2008. These statistics exemplify the GNMV level of service, passion, and selflessness.

GNMV strives to treat sick people who cannot access proper medical care. GNMV also aims to establish local general hospitals and medical schools. The goal is to develop underserved communities so they not only sustain themselves, but also provide substantial contributions to the rest of the world.

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