13. Miracle! Preaching the Gospel by Christmas Miracle Europe Tour

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– 24 cities in 19 countries, total 12,000 km journey
– Performances in five countries where churches are not established

‘Starting November 11, 2017 in Göttingen, Germany, the Christmas Miracle Europe tour was held on a total of 12,000 km of journeys in 24 cities in 19 countries in Europe. Compared to last year’s Christmas tour in Europe (13 cities in 9 countries), it is double the size. There were also performances in five countries (Greece, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Lithuania) where churches are not yet established. European audiences opened their hearts to admire the message of God and the hearts of the members of Good News Corps volunteers, which were conveyed through the performances. We are hopeful that God will open the way to Europe next year through the Christmas Miracle Europe tour, which will took place throughout Europe this winter and paved the way for the Gospel.’


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