2. Gospel to the Ends of the South Pacific Ocean, Kiribati

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– Meeting with President of Kiribati, Prime Minister of Fiji, and Prime Minister of Solomon Islands
– Mind Lectures and MOU Signing in Kiribati
– Meeting with the President of Fiji Methodist Church, “Let’s spread the gospel together.”

‘Following the promise of God to make us “light of the Gentiles” in 2017, God led us to the islands of the Gentiles.
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is an island that is like an earthly paradise but was void. Now, Kiribati is enriched by the gospel.
Meanwhile, heads of the three nations, including President of Kiribati, Fiji Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, whom we met in Fiji, have agreed to and promised to actively participate in the IYF’s plan for the South Pacific, and the Fiji Methodist Church is sharing the Gospel with the Good News Mission.’


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