4. Good News Corps Festival’s First Japanese Performance, Mind Conference

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– Good News Corps festival performance in Fukuoka and Hiroshima
– Mind Conference, attended by 34 VIPs from 24 countries
– Japan, a good country for God to work

‘In February of this year, the 15th Good News Corps Festival was held in Japan for the first time. It was held in two cities of Fukuoka and Hiroshima, and the IYF Japan branch was linked to the city’s political, educational, artistic and broadcasting fields through public relations. Numerous Japanese citizens attended and tasted the passion and love that God had put into the hearts of the Good News Corps volunteers.
In September, the IYF Mind Conference was held in Tokyo. This event was attended by college students, general adult citizens, and 34 ambassadors and VIPs from 24 countries. Through the performances and lectures, the mind that is transmitted to Japan is leading Japan to bright light.’


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