5. CLF, New Workers of the Gospel Arise in New York and Hong Kong

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– Christian Leaders’ Meeting (CLF) held all over the continent from America to Africa
– Pastors from all over the world join hearts in God’s Word

‘In March, the 2017 World Christian Leaders’ Conference was held in New York City, New York. More than 870 people from 46 countries including the United States, Peru, Mexico, India, Zambia and Russia attended. Pastors who participated in symposiums, group discussions, academies, etc., have learned to live the faith of the Bible and the wisdom of God.
In October, Asian Christian Leaders’ Conference was held in Hong Kong, China. 1,150 ministers from 17 countries in Asia who heard the gospel joined together to work on the Gospel. Christian leaders’ conventions were held in various countries including Korea, Myanmar, Russia, Zimbabwe and the Dominican Republic.’


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