The World Camp in Thailand, takes place in the main hall of the Lat Krabang School of Engineering, in proximity of Bangkok, from the 6th to the 8th of February. Especially, in this Camp that takes place under the sweltering sun, there are over 3000 Thai students and also 500 other students from Korea, Japan, and Ukraine just to name the three of the nine other countries. There are other events on top of the World Camp including the ‘Christian Leaders’ Fellowship’ and the ‘Education Leaders’ Forum.’



In order to gather participants for the World Camp in Thailand, there was an advertising period of seven months in over 150 universities and high schools. The original plan was to have the World Camp in two places but one university suddenly cancelled, taking away the second venue. Although there were difficulties with the Lat Krabang School of Engineering (the current venue), we were able to prepare for the World Camp in thankfulness that we can turn to God in difficult times. In every aspect of preparing for the World Camp, God was able solve everything.



Finally, it was the 6th. After registering and attending the orientation, the World Camp participants took part in the World Camp programs. There were a variety of different activities such as the Mind Lecture which teaches the world of the heart that can lead the hearts of the people to happiness. Moreover, recreational games such as the ‘Mind Recreation’ was a big hit amongst the students which allowed them to learn about the power of working together. Finally, they were able to able to participate in ‘Academies’ that they were interested in and attend a ‘Mini Culture’ experience.


“Before playing the game I thought that jumping over the obstacle would be difficult but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Because, my friend was blindfolded I had to help her. Actually, there was an easy solution but sometimes we couldn’t see it. Leading the friend made me think about the heart once again. It was a game that stimulated a lot of thoughts. Moreover, it felt as though my teamwork improved as I was working with people that I have met for the first time.” – Ping/ Challenge 37

<Christian Leaders Fellowship>
The Christian Leaders Fellowship taking place alongside the World Camp 

In this Fellowship, there were over 200 Christian Leaders from nine different countries, such as India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Japan and Myanmar as well as many pastors from various regions of Thailand.


In preparation for this Fellowship the congregation of the Bangkok area and ministers went through a lot of difficulty. Despite visiting many churches to invite them to this event, a few churches shut their doors towards us, despising us and becoming angry towards us. Every day we had to seek for the grace of God and through that we were able to hear such wonderful testimonies that God had given us. As much as it has been difficult, the faces of the Christian Leaders Fellowship team were filled with happiness and sincerity.


Standing on the pulpit, Pastor Ock Soo Park began to explain why spiritual life was easy.

“All we have to look at in the words of God. Although when I see it, I may seem like a sinner but if God says that I am righteous then I am righteous. Do not be stubborn with your own thoughts and just believe in the word. Then, the word of God can become one with my heart and he will show his great power.

The Christian Leaders who heard the words of Pastor Ock Soo Park shouted, ‘Amen!’ and were filled with joy of becoming one with God. They all put their hands up to confirm that the precise faith had entered their hearts.


“I heard about the Christian Leaders Fellowship at the missionary school in Chiang Mai. I massive change has occurred in my life through this Forum. Listening to the word, I was able to realize that the faith that I had was wrong. Like that, I was able to become one with God. Through the word, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained to us precisely how we can become one with God. And through 1 Corinthians 6:10-11, we were able to see how if we accepted the word of God, that our lives would change and we would be able to experience the power of God. – Susanajan Anon Putaptim / Chiang Mai


“I came to an invitation from a Pastor that I know very well. I knew about Good News Mission from 8 years ago but did not go to church. However, this time, God gave me the heart of wanting to participate in this event. Through the word of Pastor, I was able to gain freedom from sin. As Pastor said, when our hearts become one with God, we can experience the power of God. Until now, I have listened to the word of God with my own thoughts. Now, through Pastor, I was able to learn that we have become righteous through the word of God, not through believing in our own thoughts.

Through this Forum, I was able to have certainty in my heart and gain freedom from my sins. Previously, I believed in both my thoughts and the word but as I was listening to the word this time I was able to learn that the most important thing in spiritual life is becoming one with God. I give thanks to God who has given me this new heart and the word.” –Jjan Panpon/Chiangwat Khonkaen

<The Opening Ceremony of the Returing Global Camp in Thailand with 9 Nationalities)

‘The Return of the Global Camp in Thailand’. This is a fitting title to the event that includes 3500 people (3000 local and 500 foreign) at the Main Hall of the Lat Krabang School of Engineering. In addition to the World Camp, the side events such as the Christian Leaders Fellowship or the Education Leaders Forum, attracted people of many different titles in society, as well as many VIPs to the announce the start of the Global Camp through the Opening Ceremony.





The ‘Righteous Stars’ opened the stage with a vibrant dance, to start the Opening Ceremony. Then, this was followed by cultural performances by Lincoln House Ulsan School students, who performed the Indian dance, ‘Tattad’, the Korean Traditional dance ‘Fan Dance’ and the performance of ‘Rio Montana’ focused all eyes and ears to their music.


Afterwards, there was the opening speech of the Camp by Director of IYF Thailand, Hak Chul Kim. Then, the Vice Chancellor of the Lat Krabang School of Engineering gave their welcoming speech not to mention the Secretary of the Department of Social Development, who delivered their congratulatory message.


“Thank you for holding the IYF World Camp at our school. Through the World Camp, I hope that the hearts of the Thailand youths will develop through learning about the mind of the IYF.” – Vice Chancellor / Lat Krabanf School of Engineering.



This was directly followed by the unbelievably high standard of performance by the Gracias Preparatory School.

Especially, the songs sang in Thai received a warm reaction from the students and the classical music was able to lead the atmosphere of the venue to a calm state. The bright smiles and the singing from the heart of the students of the Gracias Preparatory School was more than enough to open the hearts of the participants.



Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered the Mind Lecture saying, “Today, many students throw their hearts into the darkness and just give up. Try to make your heart flow with your family. A person whose heart flows can be happy. Let us allow love to flow between person to person. Let us share our hearts. If you live in this way, you will have changed unbeknownst to you and you will be able to become a person who give strengths to others.”




Moreover, he emphasized that many students who work with the IYF do the work that makes them happy and that the love that the IYF delivers can allow the students to escape from their sins.

As we imagine all the hearts of the students coming together and changing during the World Camp, despite the nine different nationalities, we cannot help but be full of hope.

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